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Art PrintsWelcome to Mark's Drawing Portraits. Thank you for visiting my site. Come and take a look at all the possibilities Drawing Portraits provide. If your visit here is due to your curiosity to find out more about portrait drawings, feel free to visit the gallery pages below and take a look. Maybe you would like to commission a drawing. No problem. Click on Get a Drawing Started and you'll be one step closer. Maybe all you want to do is find out more about the Artist. If that's the case, go to About the Artist and check it out.

I am currently producing a 12-piece drawing series focusing on wine, vineyards, and the entire process of the wine industry. The original idea initially was to create a series of 8 Drawings, but due to the increased popularity of the theme, I had to add to this number to my customer's demands for other ideas inside the theme, so keep following me. I may add more to the series as things develop.

Winery and Vineyard Drawing Gallery

As these drawings are finished they will be available immediately for purchase either as Original Drawings, Limited Edition Giclee Prints, or as greeting cards. You can even get your favorite drawing matted and framed. There are many different option available for you to choose from.

Click on Buy Artwork and check out if there is anything you would like to purchase.

In addition to my Themed Drawing originals, limited edition prints and greeting cards available for purchase, you can have a drawing Commissioned. All you have to do is fill out your name, e-mail address and a description of what your ideas are, and I will respond to you as soon as possible. Subscribe to Mark's Drawing Portraits, and let's get drawing.

Go to Mark's Drawing Portraits Blog where you will find up-to-date features like my "Drawing of the Day" or find out about what great foods nourish an art career. Whatever the topic it can be found there. Besides, I would love your ideas and comments.

Original Drawing and
Print Galleries

Personal Drawings Gallery

Drawing portrait examples of family settings and Pets of all shapes and sizes. Enter the gallery to view pencil drawing examples and learn also how to commission a portrait.

Sketches Gallery

Finding the price of an original, finely detailed drawing a little out of your price range? Commission a sketch. A sketch is a drawing, but has far less detail and is very popular on the pocket book. Enter the gallery and see what they're all about.

Caricatures Gallery

Serious to funny situations, caricatures are friendly reminders that we all have a little mischievous side to our personalities. Enter the Gallery and see some fun examples and have one commissioned today.

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This is about the artist, Mark Treick, what he's doing and what his drawings and philosophy on drawing portraits are about.
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Wineries and vineyards are themes that go well with Drawing Portraits. Have an original drawing completed or purchase a Giclee reproduction of a drawing you like at Mark's Drawing Portraits.
Personal Drawings are Great for Gifts, Special Occasions, and Memorials
Personal drawings are great gift ideas, especially for that person who seemingly has everything. Chances are, they don't have a sketch yet! Have an original sketch commissioned at MDP.
Funniest Caricatures Are Great for Gifts, Special Occasions, and Memorials
The Funniest caricatures just crack people up! They are great gift ideas, especially for that person who seemingly has everything. Chances are, they don't have a caricature yet! Have an original ca
Pencil Sketches Great for Gifts, Special Occasions, and Memorials
Pencil Sketches are great gift ideas, especially for that person who seemingly has everything. Chances are, they don't have a sketch yet! Have an original sketch commissioned at MDP.
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Photography by Mark page is set up for the High School seniors out there that need their photos done

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